Hi Friends!

I hope you are enjoying reading my blog posts.

I would just like to emphasize that all reviews featured in this blog are purely and solely my own thoughts, opinions, tastes, reactions or experiences.

For product or service reviews, please take note that not all products or services that have been given positive or negative feedback will give the same results on you. What worked for me may not necessarily worked for you. Every individual has their own opinions and reactions. Please exercise due diligence and precaution in using, consuming, purchasing or availing any of the products or services available in the market today.

All reviews found in the internet today are also the writer’s experiences, so if you are trying it for the first time, unsure or in doubt, I highly suggest to consult a professional in that field first.

This blog aims only to share my opinions and experiences and does not want any harm to any of its readers.

Thank you so much for taking the time on reading this disclaimer.

Until next time!



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