A Woman’s Travel Essential: Feminine Wipes Review

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Unlike a feminine wash, feminine wipes are not commercially advertised, so we are quite not aware of the importance that a feminine wipes provide. Just like a feminine wash, we need a feminine wipes to retain the cleanliness and freshness that we want to achieve in our intimate area specially when we are on the go travelling and during our period where using a feminine wash is not very convenient. 

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Seven Benefits In One Bottle: Olay Total Effects 7inOne From Sample Room – A Mini Haul

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I have tried using a BB cream (Blemish-Balm) before and they really provide a good amount of coverage, then I recently heard about CC cream (Color-Corrector), since then I have been wanting to try one but have been hesitant as to its effect and knowing that the price is not too affordable. So when Sample Room featured Olay Total Effects 7inOne products, I grabbed a few samples to try and see the results for myself.

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Landmark | Watsons | SM Department Store Collective Haul

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This week, I recently went to Landmark, Watsons and SM Department Store and have purchased a couple of items and I thought I’d share them here.

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Gentle On Skin – Dove Pure Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Review

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All of us women really take good care of our skin, we may be busy making our face beautiful but we do not forget to maintain our hygiene. One of which is using a deodorant, we may not be choosy on selecting products for our underarm maintenance, but we always opt for one that serves its purpose and most probably stick to it as long as it works. I have been using Dove’s anti-perspirant deodorant for several years now and is currently not looking for any other brand that will replace my favorite underarm protection. 

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Summer Essentials From Belo – Free Samples c/o Sample Room – A Mini Haul

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Summer is not yet over! Yes! Holy week vacation may have passed but the heat is still on! I wouldn’t enjoy summer if my skin will be damaged afterwards and definitely don’t want a stinky smell in exchange of having fun under  the sun. That’s why when Sample Room featured Belo Essentials and Belo Sunexpert products, I immediately grabbed some of these available samples and I would like to share them here. 

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Stop The Itch! Betadine Antiseptic Feminine Wash Review

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Itching is very stressful and irritating most specially if it is on places where you cannot scratch them instantly. I’ve been there, it’s too embarrassing, I know how it feels, so when my sister introduced me to Betadine Antiseptic Feminine Wash, I immediately try one and never regret using it.

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Try Before You Buy From SampleRoom.Ph

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Who wouldn’t love free samples right? so when I came across Sample Room Ph that offers free samples of our favorite brands, I immediately register to become a member and be part of this amazing community with over 90 amazing brand partners as of this writing.

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