Book Review Policy

Basis of Rating

I rate based on the feeling that I had once I finished reading the book, and NOT in any way based on the previous books I have read (whether they are of same genre or same story line). I don’t compare books unless they belong to the same series or they are written by the same author. I write mostly a spoiler-free review. In the event that I believe a spoiler is crucial to the review, I will hide them and limit them in as little details as possible. Then, it would be totally up to the readers if they want to read the spoiler or not.

6 stars: Crazily in love with it!

One of my all-time favorite book. I highly recommend this one! I will definitely re-read and re-read it in the future. I felt connected to the characters in the story. I was blown away by the story line. I was held captive by the imagery formed in my mind. I was amazed by the character build-up. The narrative and dialogues are totally mind-blowing. Overall, I totally enjoyed reading the entire book that even after finishing it I still have a book hangover.

5 stars: Totally loved it!

This is one of my favorite books. I totally recommend reading this one! The story line, characters and every aspects totally lingered. There are a lot of lessons to be learned in this book. Overall, I enjoyed reading it. It totally depends on the story line if I will re-read it in the future.

4.5 stars: Really liked it!

I like reading this book but there are some aspects missing or some things I still look forward to. Great qualities, great plot, interesting and lovable characters, not predictable.

4 stars: I enjoyed it.

I enjoyed reading about 50% of the book but the rest are a bit uninteresting. There are redeeming qualities, nice plot, like-able/ neutral characters, but a bit predictable.

3.5 stars: It’s good.

I rarely post a review containing this rating unless the book is part of a book series that I liked and have posted a review on. There are some parts that I enjoyed but most  parts are too uninteresting or too predictable.

3 stars: It’s okay. 

I rarely post a review containing this rating unless the book is part of a book series that I liked and have posted a review on. The book is either uninteresting or too predictable.

2 stars and 1 star: Waste of time.

No review will be posted containing these ratings. I want to maintain a positive ambiance for the blog readers.


I am mostly interested in the following:

New Adult
Young Adult

Romance (Highly)
Science Fiction
Crime / Mystery / Thriller / Suspense

Not my cup of tea
All Others