I Said “Yes!”

07 January, 2017.

After a month of being apart, having the holidays spent away from each other and with only Facetime, Skype, and all other applications that we used as a way of communicating, we managed to be with each other again. It may seem just a short period of time to others, but for us it meant so long. How he missed me. How I missed him so much. That meant a lot.

After more than seven years of being together, he surprised me with the best gift he ever gave me so far.

Me and my mom left for our out-of-the-country trip early December of last year and flew back to Manila the first week of January. It has been a wonderful trip being with my sister who is based abroad and is such a fulfilling experience being with her during that time when she needed us the most. However, it also meant being a thousand miles away from my man.

Ralph (my boyfriend) and I decided to see each other last 07 January. He just told me that we are going to Cintai Corito’s Garden in Batangas – a place where special events can be held or just a go to place to unwind because of its relaxing scenery. He told me that we are just going to take some photos because he recently got himself a camera and he wanted to try it out. Once there, he told me that we have a lunch reservation and we will take our lunch first before we roam around the place.

Once we had our lunch, we started to roam around and take some photos, with me mostly in it 🙂 . The place is quite huge and considering the glaring sun, we get tired easily. When we thought that we have already gone through the entire place, we’ve decided to finally leave. But then, upon leaving the parking area, we saw the grotto of Mother Mary and decided to take some photos with Her.

As I wait for Ralph to set up his camera on the tripod, I started looking around the grotto, and had a short prayer. Once he’s done, he went to me and asked me some serious questions that weirded me out, but of course I answered honestly. Then, all of a sudden he kneeled and showed me this gorgeous ring in a box and pop up the covetous question.

I am so happy that I am smiling so widely that I can’t speak. I am trying to make him stand and have him put the ring on my finger, but then he is still kneeling and has this certain look on his face, that it reminded me that he popped the question, that’s when I said “Yes” with so little voice but with a high pitch while nodding vigorously, because I kept on smiling, I am in awe. That’s when he stood up, and put the ring on my finger. I really can’t recall when’s the time that I got teary eyed. But I remember that once the ring is on my finger, we kissed and hugged and I happily cried on his chest.

The feeling is still so surreal. I am so full of emotions. On our way home, I kept on looking at him and at the ring on my finger. I can’t grasp the fact that we have officially stepped up our relationship. This is yet another milestone in our lives that we want to cherish longer. We don’t have specific plans yet, but we are getting there. We just need to consider a couple of things first before we can finally decide on the specifics. Until then, we are going to relax and cherish this very precious milestone of our lives.

And since, today is a celebration of love and relationships, I just wanted to pause from my usual book reviews and share this wonderful event of my life here.

Until next time 🙂

PS: This post was originally written last February 14, 2017.


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