Book Review: The Will by Kristen Ashley | Magdalene #1

The Will by Kristen Ashley

“It’s never too late to reach for happiness and no matter what life has done to you, it’s never too late to find it.”

K.A really knows how to create a wonderful family story. She makes you remember the importance of family and second chances.

Josie has this classic beauty and elegance, her success in her career is admirable but deep inside she hasn’t found the true meaning of happiness until she met Jake and his family.

Jake, though at first he may seem to be the total opposite of Josie. He is rough, has a very unusual business but he is strong, protective and a very good father. They may not seem to be a perfect pair at first, but as the story unfolds, you will realize why K.A chose them.

Both characters have a saddening past, but together they complete each other. As always with K.A, the secondary and side characters are truly amazing, I can feel the connections with one another. I felt that I’m right there with them as I read on.

Reading this book made me remember K.A’s Rock Chick Revenge, where the heroine have several admirers as well. I just thought that K.A really made sure that her heroines might thought differently of herself but a bunch of hot guys definitely disagrees with her thoughts.

The book is extremely long, there are several pages that I just really wanted to skip, because I got so sleepy, but K.A will give you a reason not to, because she has this certain way to make sure that prior to that she had shared something for the reader to look forward to, because a reader can’t just be left hanging right?.

When I can’t decide on what book to read, K.A has always been my go-to author. Simply because I loved every single book that I have read of hers. I may not have read her entire collection yet but that’s one of my goals. Let’s just say, I really enjoy reading her, her writing style is just perfect for my liking.

K.A really knows how to tell a wonderful and meaningful story. Life may be edgy and may have rough patches at certain point, but with her stories, you’ll just have to keep moving forward, because the destination is very much worth it. Speaking of, the ending? as expected of K.A, that was just so wonderful. K.A really makes a truly heart-felt happy ending with a new beginning.

Lead Characters:  “Josie” Josephine Malone and Jake Spear
Point of View: Josie and Jake


Hero: 4.5 stars
Heroine: 4.5 stars
Intimate scenes: 4.5 stars
Imagery: 4.5 stars
Narrative: 3.5 stars
Dialogue: 4.5 stars
Plot: 4.5 stars
Climax: 4.5 stars
Ending: 5 stars
Story: 4.5 stars
My Overall Rating: 4.5 stars

Do I recommend this book? Yes.
Will I re-read this book? Probably
Will I read other books from this author? Most definitely.

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