Book Review: At Peace by Kristen Ashley | The ‘Burg #2

At Peace by Kristen Ashley

The story wonderfully showed how can two separate wounded souls find each other and by which have found their way on giving love another shot.
The story is very long, yet I find myself hooked, there are cases that when I read a novel, I felt that I am reading but then I got so sleepy simply because I am not interested. But with this story I find myself hooked. I don’t feel sleepy, I am so intrigued with the happenings.

At first, they seemed to be two teenagers sneaking out of their house, so cute yet so hot and sexy. But they’re not, they are two grown-up, mature consenting adult. At first they seem to be just hooking up, no serious commitment whatsoever. But then everything got serious, one is in denial, the other one is trying to fix the other.

Though he thinks they are only hooking up, I like the idea that he changes everything that he did with Vi, he treats her differently, he’s sweet to him, his actions contradicts what he have said to her. He is totally  in denial. Sometimes men are really annoying. When something good is already at their face they are sometimes just way too complicated.

Unfortunately this story has some kind of a love triangle but it is only short-lived. Vi’s relationship with Joe is very confusing. Joe is too complicated to deal with. Mike is very ideal and straight forward, hence I understood Vi’s confusion. But in a way it made me sad for Mike. He seems to be such a nice guy. He deserves to be happy. I believe he has his own book, hence I’m looking forward to that.

I like that the story is stated in an alternating point of view, so the reader get to know Joe’s thoughts, especially during those times that he did awful things. In that way I was able to understand why he did what he did. Because if not, I will definitely be pissed at him. And just like Keira’s reaction, I felt betrayed, Joe has been really mean, there are other way to end things with Vi but he chose to end it in a shocking and embarrassing way.

The revelations on Joe’s tragic past really shocked me. It is so deep, mind-blowing and an earth-shattering experience. Just me knowing what happened to his past gave me chills. No doubt, his beliefs on having his own family is severed. I believe anyone who experienced what he had, will do and will believe exactly the same. Anyone who will know what happened to him, will definitely understand his actions. It is so heart-breaking and mind-blowing. No one deserves to experience that kind of pain. I understood why he thinks he have to break Vi’s heart. He may not have done the right thing, but he did what he thinks is best.

The way K.A. made Joe realized that what he had with Vi is worth it, is so brilliant and very heart warming, I felt numb at first but then I smiled. It is such a great scene. Him being with her and her kids, during those time that they needed him the most, not only showed what they could give to him but what he could give to them in return. The feeling of security, of protection, of love, of a father and of a family. The feeling of completeness that is so full that is bursting. So amazingly done and so captivating.

The ending is superb. Joe is such a Badass Alpha! He single-handedly fight those goons with his hands tied! How crazy was that?! It seems like a scene from an action movie, it only proves how badass alpha hero he is.

The book feature Benny and Frankie’s short scenes, they seem to be in denial of their attraction with each other. So cute yet their past, is quite intense. Hence, I definitely look forward on reading their own story.

I love how K.A have shown the beauty of a second chance in love. Vi’s daughters – Kate and Keira have not only accepted Joe into their family but they welcomed him with open arms. Such a wonderful scene. The way Joe acts as a protective father to both Kate and Keira are amazing. He had shown that he have claimed the whole pack. He is a badass-alpha-male-father figure to them. He treated them as his own, not only Vi’s. He had claimed them his. K.A can really write an amazing family story. This is so wonderful and I definitely can’t wait to start reading the next one.

Lead Characters: ‘Vi’ Violet Winters and ‘Cal’ Joe Callahan
Point of View: Vi, Joe, Multiple

Hero: 5 stars
Heroine: 5 stars
Intimate scenes: 5 stars
Imagery: 5 stars
Narrative: 4.5 stars
Dialogue: 4.5 stars
Plot: 5 stars
Climax: 5 stars
Ending: 5 stars
Story: 5 stars
My Overall Rating: 5 stars

Do I recommend this book? Yes
Will I re-read this book? Definitely
Will I read other books from this author? Most Definitely

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