Book Review: For You by Kristen Ashley | The ‘Burg #1

For You by Kristen Ashley

“The only things precious in my life breathe.”

The story is very heavy, intense and heart warming that it even started with a shocking crime scene. The crime scene is very detailed that it made me feel scared and uncomfortable. It feels like I’m right there at the scene, one of the witnesses. Need I say more? definitely scary. It just shows how much research and effort has been put into making this novel. A very detailed novel and almost as similar as to what could possibly happen in reality.

I liked that the lead characters does not seem to be perfect, they have characteristics that can annoy the reader but together they are a perfect couple. Feb seems to be a fragile heroine but there are some points that proves that she is definitely strong. How she was able to live her life with that kind of burden in her. How she was able to keep the reason behind their break up. She’s stronger than she thinks she is. Colt can only be described as a Badass hero, yes! with a capital B, he’s hot but very hot headed, that only made him more hot and sexy, so sexy. wee… Did I say that Feb is an ultimate knockout? with those choker and necklaces. Yup! They are definitely a perfect pair.

As I read thru each page, I can’t help myself but get intrigued, and asks so many questions to myself, why? what happen? They seem to be deeply in love. As others say, they are meant to be together. What made them break apart? Since this is a novel, I can’t seem to wait. I am definitely hooked. It’s hard to pause for a break and put the book down.

I’m just a bit hesitant on the part where Colt shared the details of a murder scene to private citizens which I think should have been highly confidential, though those citizens are whom he consider as his family. I know that this story is completely fictional, but I guess that’s just what I thought when I read it. I understand that part, but maybe it could have been better if Colt discussed it with his co-worker like Sully, or other detectives part of the investigation, or with the Feds. Though for the most part towards the end, all details of the murder investigation has been discussed between Sully and Colt who are both detectives.

I feel a little bit off when Colt talked to his bitch ex-girlfriend badly and humiliated her in front of an audience. I believe that a man should never do that, even if she deserves it. Maybe the ‘talk’ should have been made privately or just between them and with Feb, that would be enough for me. Other than that, I really like how K.A can pull off men speak. There is something the way men talk to each other that is sometimes incomprehensible to women, but in just a chin lift with other men, all words had been communicated.

The revelations had given me chills, goosebumps along my arms, those revelations are extreme, they explained everything. They are very well thought of. But I’m only half way through, meaning to say there’s more to come, I’m asking myself, can I handle it more? There are so many happenings, there is a serial killer on the loose, there are lives at stake, it’s insane. The book is very detailed in a way that made me believe that I was there with all of them, not just at the moment but it feels like I’ve been part of their entire lives.

I liked that there is an alternating point of view between Feb and Colt, I believe it gave me that feeling that I am not only reading a story, but I’m also part of the story itself since I was able to learn both of the lead’s thoughts.

As expected with K.A, the conclusion to this very intense story is like watching an action movie. Police car sirens can be heard from the background, kidnapping and hostage drama are present, guns are drawn, shots are fired and blood can be seen. Not easy on the eyes, but the thrill and the anticipation for the conclusion to this remarkable story hit me. Once I realized that I’ve already reached the climax of the story and the ending is just a few pages away, I can’t find myself to have the strength to pause for a short break. The feeling seems to be always the same whenever I read K.A’s book. She have a way with her words that draw the reader captive with it. Making her one of my favorite authors. She’s so good that I knew that I will be reading all the books she have written, even without glancing at the synopsis. Can’t wait to read the next books in the series.

Lead Characters: ‘Feb’ February Owens and ‘Alec’ ‘Colt’ Alexander Colton
Point of View: Feb and Colt

Hero: 5 stars
Heroine: 5 stars
Intimate scenes: 4.5 stars
Imagery: 5 stars
Narrative: 4 stars
Dialogue: 4.5 stars
Plot: 5 stars
Climax: 5 stars
Ending: 5 stars
Story: 5 stars
My Overall Rating: 5 stars

Do I recommend this book? Yes
Will I re-read this book? Definitely
Will I read other books from this author? Most Definitely

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Golden Trail  (The ‘Burg #3) | Layne and Rocky

Games of the Heart  (The ‘Burg #4) | Dusty and Mike

The Promise (The ‘Burg #5 | Benny and Frankie

Hold On  (The ‘Burg #6) | Cher and Garrett

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