Book Review: Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas

“We were perfect together, until we met.”

A lot of us wanted to belong, to fit in, for everyone to accept us. It all came down to how one will act on that matter.

I love their back story, they have been friends for seven years and yet they did not ever decided to meet personally, until that one surprising day. I admire P.D taking a chance on this penpal story line. With this modern day and age with all the technology here and there, where an email or text is a second away. It gave a little nostalgic feeling though I myself have not ever tried sending a snail mail before. It gave that feeling of desire to personally connect thru handwritten mails to someone special, and to look forward on receiving one as well.

At first, I did not understand, what’s wrong with him. When he met her for the first time and knew that she is his Ryen, he’s totally disappointed. I believe there’s nothing wrong with her. But then as I read along I totally understood, why.

Misha, a definite alphahole hero. During the first few encounters, he treated Ryen differently, he is a total a**hole. But as the story moves on, I love that he is protective of her, he understood her, but pushes her to be true to herself.

Ryen is not your typical heroine, it is hard to love her at first, when she is being a bitch. Well, she pretends to be one. But I ended up liking her, when she us not being untrue to herself, placing a mask and pretending to be someone else she’s not.

The intimate car scene is so sensual, it brought so much heat. The excitement is there of being caught, anyone could see. So thrilling and yet totally hot.

In as much as I want to love this book, knowing that they are still in high school, I find it hard to do so. Yes, they are already eighteen years old, but the thought of a high school relationship does not really captivates me. I liked it, yes, but it still feels too young for me.

The ending gave a realization to all those who have insecurities. It is only natural to feel it, but being surrounded by real friends will help deal with the matter and sooner than later, it will not matter anymore.

This is a story of acceptance, of bravery, and of freedom. It is an interesting story that tackles the issue of bullying and other issues that can be encountered during high school.

Lead Characters: Ryen Trevarrow and Misha Lare
Point of View: Ryen and Misha


Hero: 4.5 stars
Heroine: 4.5 stars
Intimate scenes: 4.5 stars
Imagery: 4.5 stars
Narrative: 4.5 stars
Dialogue: 4.5 stars
Plot: 4.5 stars
Climax: 4.5 stars
Ending: 4.5 stars
Story: 4.5 stars
My Overall Rating: 4.5 stars

Do I recommend this book? Yes, specially for those ones who are still in school.
Will I re-read this book? Probably not.
Will I read other books from this author? Probably

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