Book Review: Between Here and the Horizon by Callie Hart

Between Here and The Horizon by Callie Hart

One does not need to die to become a hero, an  act of selflessness or patriotism or bravery to protect someone is more than enough to consider someone a hero.

Just by reading the first few paragraphs, I felt my hair rising. I can feel the urgency to save his comrades. I can feel his struggles along the way. No one can stop him from saving their lives even though his own life is at stake.

This story is one of those that you thought you know who the protagonists are but then you’re wrong. This got a one big explosion, I felt my body froze for about a couple of seconds, my heart raced so fast, so many questions popped in my head. I was thinking, maybe he was just testing her out? Maybe everything is all but a dream? But as I continue on, my heart accepts the reality but still got several questions unanswered.

Most of the time, looks can be deceiving, some people pretend to look hard, but deep inside they are really soft, that’s what Sully is. He just needed time to reflect and to forgive as anyone should be considering what happened to him.

This story has a very intriguing plot twists and turns that some are quite predictable and yet there are certain parts that are quite unexpected. The first quarter is very shocking, the middle part is quite slow moving but when it got to the last part, everything is fast paced.

I read a couple of book reviews first before I decided to read this book. Many readers have given a not so good review, but then it did not stop me in reading this book. I’m so intrigued, that’s why I have ignored those reviews and proceeded. I’m just so happy those reviews have not stopped me from reading this one. Book reviews just like any other kind of reviews are dependent on the opinion of the one giving the review. In this case, I believe reading this book is totally worthy of my time.

The author’s note should not be taken lightly as the story does contain disturbing scenarios and the book should only be made available to mature audience.

5 stars
Point of View: Lang and Sully

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