Book Review: Four Letter Word by J. Daniels | Dirty Deeds #1

Four Letter Word by J Daniels

It is so hard whenever guilt consumes an individual. There are several things one can do to lift that burden, however sometimes, options are just very limited.

Sometimes, one must not wait for the right time to come, one must make a moment, the right time.

The way Sydney met Brian is really embarrassing, I felt my face reddens at the same time as Sydney’s (though they only met thru phone), that part is really funny. But then, an unexpected encounter lead to something special, it is not usual but it does happen in reality. Having that connection to someone you haven’t met is really special and definitely gave mixed emotions. They may have started as a complete strangers, but as the connection grows, their relationship deepens. However, Brian is scared. He is hesitant. He believes their relationship should remain only thru phone considering his situation. He should remain only a voice to her, and her to his.

When I have learned what Brian does on the side, I thought,



I can’t believe I am reading something like this (hence, being a unique story).
But then,
I get intrigued
and then I’m hooked.
I can’t put the book down. I’m so eager to know what’s next.

I understand Brian’s fear, him trying to protect Sydney from the pain he may cause. Sharing something not good while something good is building between them will most likely break the connection they have.

Learning Brian’s reason in doing what he did, I felt him. I can totally understand. I can’t say he did the wrong thing, he may not have done what’s right, but the reason for doing so, I totally understood.

He had been responsible for his actions, knowing their relationship have leveled up, he did what he can to be able to be faithful to Sydney even without her knowing it. The time when Sydney have learned his past, I can totally feel Syd’s reactions, having been held of a secret that huge is totally heart-breaking.

Though I am okay with the kind of ending the book have, I am just hoping that J. Daniels will still feature Sydney and Brian on her next books in this series. Definitely looking forward to that.

Four Letter Word is a very unique story, it is humorous, emotional, hot, and yet very addictive. The characters have truly delivered the emotions needed in the story. J. D. have written the book in a way that the readers can totally relate to the actions of the characters, it is very reasonable. If you are looking for a unique and intriguing story with an Alpha hero, then this book should definitely be your next read.

Rating: 4.5 stars
Point of View: Sydney and Brian

Four Letter Word is the first book of the series ‘Dirty Deeds’ with Hit The Spot as the next one  -featuring the story of Tori (Syd’s best friend) and Jamie (Brian’s best friend), part of their story has been touched in Four Letter Word. I also look forward for Shay, Stitch, Cole, Kali and Nate’s story.

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