Book Review: The Retrieval Duet by Aly Martinez | Retrieval and Transfer

The Retrieval Duet, Aly Martinez, Retrieval, Transfer, Book, Review, Book Review

The Retrieval Duet is a unique story of two couples whose life are unexpectedly entwined with each other. A story of second chances, a never-ending love, fighting for love; a story of strength, survival and of giving trust.

Retrieval (Book 1) focuses more on the story of our first couple Roman and Elisabeth, a story of a marriage with a never-ending love, yet tested by trials that lead to separation but centers on the desire to fight for love.

There are several reasons why a marriage may not work, it is not always because of falling out of love and this story proves it. The marriage maybe done but the love for each other never goes away. If you love someone, fight for it, you must be willing to do anything to make them happy, and yet communication should always be a foundation in every relationship – these have been my realizations while reading this book.

I’m utterly surprised when I came to realize where the story is headed. It is rare but then, all stories are. It is heart-warming and will leave you curious, but then expect more with the second book.

The first book concluded with a surprise that will give a hint to the story of our second couple.

Tip: Have a copy of the second book ready before finishing the first one.

Transfer (Book 2) is a story of survival, of love and giving trust to someone even if trusting someone is difficult based on experience. One will never know how strong one is, until being strong is their only option.

The story came with a complete shock and will somehow justify the devastation felt and the actions made by the protagonists. It is intense, full of emotion, suspense, thrilling and sexy yet will give so much realizations. The conclusion to this book completed both stories and shows that a family can be built not only by relation of blood, but also with love. A must read!

4.5 stars
Point of View: Multiple

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