Stop The Itch! Betadine Antiseptic Feminine Wash Review

Betadine, Feminine wash, antibacterial, antiseptic, feminine care

Itching is very stressful and irritating most specially if it is on places where you cannot scratch them instantly. I’ve been there, it’s too embarrassing, I know how it feels, so when my sister introduced me to Betadine Antiseptic Feminine Wash, I immediately try one and never regret using it.

Povidone – Iodine Betadine 7.5% Antiseptic Feminine Wash as described in the bottle – protects you from common germs that cause feminine itching and common genital infections.

Betadine, Feminine wash, antibacterial, antiseptic, feminine care

Just like any other Betadine products, the solution itself is brownish-red in color.

Betadine, Feminine wash, antibacterial, antiseptic, feminine care

How To Use It?

Pour 2-3 small drops and dilute them with palmful of water. Wash on the external genitals for 15 seconds or less. Use in morning and evening during the indicated periods only. Rinse thoroughly with water. If to be used as a regular feminine wash for protection, use only twice a week.

When To Use It?

  • For relief of external genital itching and irritation common during excessive secretion, menstruation and menopause.
  • As an external genital wash for prompt healing of repaired cut after childbirth.
  • As an external genital wash for protection before and after sexual intercourse.
  • As an itch reliever for common external irritation due to infections.
Few Things To Note:
Please take note to only use the right amount of dosage which is only 2-3 drops and dilute it with palmful of water. Based on my experience, too much can cause too much dryness down there. Also, if symptoms persist or if pregnant, make sure to consult a doctor.

What I Like About It:

  1. Instantly removes genital itch after use;
  2. Feels really clean down there specially on that time of the month;
  3. One bottle can be used for a long period of time, since we will only be needing 2-3 drops of the solution for every usage. But of course considering the expiration date.
  4. Available in small, medium and large bottle;
  5. Affordable;
  6. Available in all leading drugstores nationwide

What I Do Not Like About It:
Just like any other Betadine product, the solution is protected by a foil aside from the bottle cup, in order to use the product, a puncture is needed to the foil. However sometimes the solution leaks, there are residue left on the foil that falls down on the bottom of the bottle that sometimes make mess on the place where the bottle is kept. Other than that, the usage and benefits of this product is totally worth the mess. 🙂

Will I Recommend It?
Absolutely Yes! If you are a woman, you should definitely try this one out.

Will I Repurchase?

Definitely Yes! This product has been part of my toilet and bathroom essentials.

Price and availability:
100ml – Php 179.00
50ml – Php 112.00


Overall Betadine Antiseptic Feminine Wash has been my all time favorites and my savior during red days and has been very helpful during that time where genital itching is really irritating.

Have you tried this product? What are your red days essentials? Please leave your comments/ recommendations in the comment section below. 
Thank you! Until next time!

2 thoughts on “Stop The Itch! Betadine Antiseptic Feminine Wash Review

    1. Nope. It is for external use. It instantly feels clean and no itch after just one use. But, if even after using for a couple of times, it still itch, maybe it would be better to consult a doctor.


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