Try Before You Buy From SampleRoom.Ph

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Who wouldn’t love free samples right? so when I came across Sample Room Ph that offers free samples of our favorite brands, I immediately register to become a member and be part of this amazing community with over 90 amazing brand partners as of this writing.

Sample Room as described on their website is the Philippines first ever beauty and lifestyle sampling website. It is an interactive community that offers free samples, localized product reviews and where all beauty lovers are valued.
Their goal is very simple: To help us try out products before buying them. 
“TRY BEFORE YOU BUY” as their tagline says. With the FREE samples that they are offering, we don’t need to purchase a full size products and in the end regret buying them because of an allergic reaction, or it did not work well and end up wasting a lot of money for just one product. And because of their product review process, we don’t need to rely on product reviews that are not appropriate for our skin type.
To be part of this amazing community, the steps are very simple:
Step 1: Register. You will be awarded instantly with 100 points that you can use immediately! How amazing is that?! 
Step 2: Choose from the available samples that you would want to try using your points.
Step 3: Check out and pay only for the shipping and handling fee that starts from Php 100.00 for Metro Manila residents.
Step 4: Wait and you will receive your samples right at your doorsteps.
Step 5: Road test. Try out your samples and post a review on the website. This way you can have your points back once they approved your reviews.
Step 6: Just repeat steps 2-5 over and over again. 🙂
Any member who does not have enough points has the option to become a VIP member. A VIP will be instantly rewarded 1000 or 2000 points, for more samples to try out and exclusive invitation to Sample Room’s events plus they will give you a fabulous gift.

I availed the VIP because I do not have enough points to try out the products that I want. After availing, I received the free gift. It is Shiseido’s Shimmering Cream Eye Color that comes with a beautiful box. 

Free, free samples, samples, sample room, sample room ph, philippines, beauty, skincare
Now I have more points to try out their samples. I’m just waiting for my package to arrive and I will immediately share them with you.
Amazing right? Just let me know should you want to be part of this amazing community. 
Any thoughts? Let them be heard on the comment section below.
Thank you! Until next time!
Note: The first picture above is from Sample Room’s website.

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