Fairer, Healthier Skin: Myra VitaWhite Whitening Face Lotion Review

myra, myra e, myra vitawhite, whitening, moisturizer, unilab, vitamin e
A moisturizer is a must! Most especially if you have a dry skin like I do. I am not very good on taking care of my skin, because I get lazy most of the time, but hey! if I know that I really need it, I’d definitely do it. Just like using a moisturizer on to my face. I know that once I get exposed on to the sun’s damaging UV rays, my skin will definitely aged faster than it normally would. That’s why I use Myra VitaWhite Whitening Face Lotion that contains SPF on it to protect my skin from those bad boys (plus it helps lighten my skin so this is a 2in1 product worth using).

Product Description as per the back packaging:
myra, myra e, myra vitawhite, whitening, moisturizer, unilab, vitamin e
The box looks like this:
myra, myra e, myra vitawhite, whitening, moisturizer, unilab, vitamin e
myra, myra e, myra vitawhite, whitening, moisturizer, unilab, vitamin e
The product itself is color white but blends on to the skin smoothly, this face lotion has a quite thicker consistency as compared with Myra Facial Moisturizer, because of the spf component on it. Just like any other product that has spf, this is quite sticky but non-greasy at all.
How I use it:
This product is part of my morning routine. I use this face lotion if I will go out and will most likely be exposed quite a bit under the sun, and Myra Facial Moisturizer during rainy/ cold days. In the morning, after cleansing and toning, I put this face lotion on to my face first then top it of with a BB cream, since the product only provides moisture, sun protection and not coverage. I also use this face lotion whenever I noticed that my face has gone darker because of too much exposure in the sun (like swimming activities), to bring back the natural color of my face (and neck) or if I just wanted to lighten my skin. 


Where Did I Get Mine:

 Natasha Distributor – my Mom 🙂
but Myra VitaWhite Face Lotion is available in all leading drugstores nationwide
45ml – Php 120.00 

What I Like About It:

  1. Provides moisture on to my face
  2. Lightens the skin
  3. Provides sun protection – has SPF15
  4. Affordable
  5. Lightweight, gentle and mild 
  6. Contains Vitamin E that will provide the face’s needed moisture
  7. Available almost everywhere. This can be bought in all leading drugstores nationwide, even in groceries as well as all Natasha distributors.
  8. Product is in a tube which is more hygienic compare to bottled moisturizers, where one needs to dip their finger in order to get the product.

What I Do Not Like About It:
         It quite feel sticky, which is quite a normal thing to all products that has spf component, reason why I only use this in the morning and not at night. However, if I really really need to lighten my face (and neck), that’s the only time I also use this at night.

Will I Repurchase?
Will I Recommend it?


4/5 stars

What do you think about this product? Have you tried it? Any comments? suggestions? Please share your thoughts/ experience by commenting on the section below. 

Thank you! Until next time!



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