Powerful Skin Germ Killer: Betadine Antiseptic Skin Cleanser Review

betadine, cleanser, itch,antiseptic cleanser
Itchy hands? stinky feet and underarms? so irritating right? I’ve experienced some of it and found an effective solution in Betadine’s Antiseptic Skin Cleanser. If you believe in the wonders of Betadine Wound Solution, you must give this one a try and see the results for your self.

The cleanser itself is just like any other Betadine Povidone-Iodine product, color brown and liquid.
Purpose and Usage: (as per product packaging)
betadine, cleanser, itch,antiseptic cleanser
betadine, cleanser, itch,antiseptic cleanser
1. Skin germ killer – kills almost 100% of skin germ infection
       a. Washing/ degerming hands – disinfect hands
     b.  Relieves minor skin itching – sometimes my hands became very red and itchy in touching new items in the mall or just by touching things (which might be dirty), I wash my hands with this cleanser to remove any itchiness and to remove any potential bacteria that might have caught by my hands causing it to become red and itchy.

2. As A Total Body Odor Eliminator – effectively removes offensive skin odors such as athlete’s foot, underarm and body odor by killing the harmful germs that cause odor as per the back packaging of the product.
My experience:
I always wear slippers whenever I am in the shower or in the bathroom/ comfort room (CR). However, whenever I’m already in my room, I don’t wear slippers anymore. Of course I made sure that my feet are already dry before stepping out of the bathroom, by just wiping it off to the floor rug. Then move on to preparing my self for the day, and goes to work. Then, if I’m already in the office where the air conditioning is so high, I noticed that my feet tend to be sweaty and sometimes, they do smell (I noticed this because sometimes I want to remove/ change shoes when I’m in the office). It usually happens if I’m wearing a closed shoes. Of course, this has been a concern for me. I thought that wearing a slippers even inside my room or wearing a foot sock would remedy the problem, unfortunately it did not.
One day, while strolling around Watsons, just wanted to look for the new beauty products that they have, I came across this Betadine Antiseptic Skin Cleanser. I’m all aware of the Betadine wound cleanser and their feminine wash, but what caught my attention is the product description at the back in bold letters TOTAL ODOR ELIMINATOR, I immediately grab a bottle and read the product description. Since I’m still trying to find a remedy to my stinky feet problem, I bought one and tried it out.
Lucky for me, the first time I use it ( I just follow the instruction), I already felt that it thoroughly cleansed my feet, I already felt the difference before and after using it.Then, I just continue my day and tested it out. Surprisingly, after just one use, my feet did not have bad smell at all. It kind of still sweaty because my foot sock is kind of damp (which I believe is normal) but the smell is not like before. After continuous usage, it doesn’t have a bad smell at all. Now, I just use this if I felt the need to. 

Where did I get mine?
What I like about it?
  1. I am in no means to tell if the germs/ bacteria have been removed on my hands, but I can say for sure that the redness and itchiness of my hands were gone just by washing my hands with this cleanser.
  2. Effectively removes foot odor just by regular usage.
  3. Safe, non- toxic, non-irritating and non-drying
  4. Gives confidence that my hands are well disinfected prior to touching delicate matters (food, medicine, infants)
What I do not like about it?
Will I repurchase?
Will I recommend it?
5/5 Stars
What do you think about this product? Have you tried it? Any comments? suggestions? Please share your thoughts/ experience by commenting on the section below.
Thank you! Until next time!

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