A Body Wash with a Purpose: Human Nature’s MammoMe Natural Body Wash Review

human nature, human heart nature, body wash, natural
Bar soaps tend to dry my skin, that’s why I have always been using a liquid soap whenever I bathe. 
When Human Nature released their Human Nature’s MammoMe Natural Body Wash, I bought a bottle knowing that Human Nature only provides an all natural ingredients on their products.
The product was released not only to be part of a woman’s skincare routine, but also to help remind every woman to have their monthly breast self-exam, by just using the product. The instructions on how to do the breast self-exam is included in the back sticker of the body wash.
human nature, human heart nature, body wash, natural
Product Description per Human Nature:

99.92% Natural
Finally, a body wash that helps us detect early possible signs of breast cancer by reminding us to conduct breast self-exams. A caring ally in our fight against breast cancer right where we need it… in the shower.

Cares for your skin. Moisturizes and soothes skin with natural glycerin and aloe vera
Cares for fellow Filipinas. A portion of proceeds will go to the Philippine Foundation for Breast Care, Inc. (Kasuso Foundation) which helps provide treatment for indigent women with breast cancer
Cares for your health. A step-by-step reminder to do your breast self-exam while you bathe, helping you detect the early signs of breast cancer
100% No harmful chemicals. Free from hormone-disrupting parabens & phthalates that have been linked to breast cancer.* Only the good!
So, good, in fact, that you’ll want to get one for your loved ones too – mothers, daughters, sisters, friends. 1 in 13 Filipino women get breast cancer, so spread the awareness about MammoMe so that they can detect early signs of breast cancer. Click on the icons above the “Free Shipping” icon to share this page on Facebook and Twitter.
Where Did I Get Mine:
200ml – P159.75
What I Like About It:
  1. Sweet fruity scent
  2. 100% Natural
  3. No harmful chemicals
  4. Portion of MammoMe proceeds will go to the Philippine Foundation for Breast Care Inc
  5. Reminds every woman to have a regular breast self-exams.
What I Do Not Like About It:
  1. Only comes in 200ml, no smaller size for travel use.
  2. Also, no larger bottle for longer usage.
  3. The sweet fruity scent does not stay long on the skin.
Will I Repurchase?
Will I Recommend it?

4/5 stars
Overall, Human Nature’s MammoMe Natural Body Wash is gentle, safe, refreshing, gives a smooth feel and is way better than bar soaps – which tends to melt easily and dries the skin.
What do you think about this product? Have you tried it? Any comments? suggestions? Please share your thoughts/ experience by commenting on the section below.
Thank you! Until next time!



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